If his situation becomes dire, President Obama might throw Joe Biden under the bus in a last-ditch effort to shake up the November election. Photo credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com.

At Ohio State University today, President Obama officially kicked off his 2012 election campaign. However, he did so in an utterly unspectacular fashion. Despite his high hopes for the November election, President Obama failed to attract a large enough crowd to even come close to filling the 20,000-seat stadium, with estimates by the campaign itself showing only 70% attendance there. Clearly, the president’s campaign is suffering from a major enthusiasm gap, and if Obama has any hopes of surviving the election, he will have to address this gap. Ironically, he may decide to take a leaf from the book of his 2008 general election challenger John McCain and attempt to invigorate the Democratic base by tossing Vice-President Joe Biden just before the election.

President Obama could benefit slightly from such a move, but he could also suffer tremendously. For some voters, the elimination of Joe Biden would be a refreshing change, a sign of new life in the clearly stagnant Obama administration. However, for others, such a move would indicate the utter desperation of the Obama campaign for a victory in November. Biden has worked very hard for President Obama, even earning the nickname “campaigner-in-chief” for his extraordinary work on the campaign trail for Mr. Obama. Although certainly not without his gaffes (don’t even get me started…), Biden has been a crucial asset for the president, and his dismissal would clearly indicate to educated voters that the Obama administration is resorting to desperation to win the election.

If you were wondering why I think Biden’s dismissal is on the table, it is because he has been increasingly cut off from the administration in recent weeks. Biden is no longer included in President Obama’s Sunday campaign meetings, which are – according to the New York Times – reserved for “trusted confidants.” I, as well as the writers at the Weekly Standard, think that this indicates that Biden potentially is not considered to be a trusted confidant by the administration and therefore has been deemed expendable. It is entirely possible that the president will drop Biden to gain political points, but I sincerely doubt the effectiveness of this tactic. If Biden is fired, you can rest assured that the Obama administration is in its death throes.

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