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Taking this blog in a new direction

Defiance in the face of fear.

The reelection of Barack Obama as President of the United States is certainly a very disparaging and devastating outcome. It is one that I was very afraid of seeing, and one that was deeply damaging to my faith in the American people and the American political system. I have, in fact, reevaluated my commitment to this blog as a result of this election.

However, as you – my faithful readers – have reminded me, now is the last time to give up. No matter how difficult it gets, we must continue to fight and fight and fight some more to preserve this nation and its continued status as the freest nation on the earth. Thoughts of giving up must become thoughts of perseverance. This election shakes my faith in American politics, and it makes me feel like we – as common-sense conservatives – cannot be heard. But, with enough work and with your support, we can be heard, and I want to be that voice for you. So we will persevere and fight on.

In the coming months, this blog will focus less upon the fine points of American politics and more upon the big ideas that we need to move this country forward. With such a polarized system in Washington, we need more of the kind of basic, common-sense ideas that can cut through the endless red tape and actually fix things.

Thank you, and let’s move on together. Let’s defy the odds.

Dear Readers,

Before I share some exciting news with you, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support of my creation, the Restore America Project. Thanks to your support, the Project exceeded 2,000 all-time views earlier this month and shattered my expectations. Because of you, the Project has grown faster than I ever could have imagined in these past months, and I am ever so grateful for your encouragement and readership.

Now onto some exciting news and information! First of all, I first broke the news of my blog achieving 2,000 all-time views eight days ago on my blog’s Facebook page, which provides exclusive news and content early for your enjoyment! Best of all, this content is just a “like” away, so please feel free to check out the Project on Facebook.

I am constantly searching for new ways to bring fresh commentary and news to you, so after the New Year, I will release the details of the Project’s latest exciting endeavor on this website. I am looking forward to sharing this new project with you, and I hope that you really enjoy it when it is completed and released. Also, following the release of this new venture, the Restore America Project will continue to pursue new project ideas and concepts that will enrich both our devoted followers and our wider national audience.

That’s it for news, so on the behalf of the Restore America Project and myself, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Best regards,

Matthew Reade, Founder and Chief Contributor

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, more than 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is dealing with the economy. On the president’s overall performance, only 43 percent of Americans approve, while 53 percent disapprove. These new numbers come amid the most recent unemployment numbers, which show the US economy slowing to a screeching halt, creating ZERO net new jobs.

The Washington Post’s article regarding the poll also mentions that “only 38 percent of those polled say they favor a larger government with more services, while 56 percent say they favor a smaller government with fewer services”. Given Obama’s positions on the notorious stimulus packages and his government-run health care plan, he will probably be seen as a proponent of big government.

Check out the article, which is linked below. All of the great poll numbers in it are very thought-provoking and are definitely troubling for the Obama reelection campaign. What do you think about these numbers?


Let’s get to some blog news. We have moved to WordPress, which so far has proved to be a slick and effective interface. Also, this website has been renamed. It is now known as the “Restore America Project”. Our new web address is http://www.restoreusa.org/


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