Month: February 2016

What to expect from the GOP’s Super Tuesday

On Tuesday, Republican voters from 11 states will vote to select the person who they believe is best suited to represent their party in the general election this fall. Super Tuesday, as tomorrow’s contest is aptly named, will add the beginnings of clarity to what has thus far been a shocking and unpredictable primary battle. The states represented ...

With South Carolina win, Clinton set to cruise to coronation

In the first big test of her long-touted “Southern firewall,” former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton outperformed her sizable lead in the polls, defeating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by nearly a fifty-point margin. Driven by massive turnout from African-Americans, Mrs. Clinton carried every district, winning some of them with almost ninety percent of the vote.

How Trump can win the nomination

With three victories now under his belt after the first four states of the Republican presidential nomination season, Donald Trump has been heralded by the mainstream media as the inevitable Republican presidential nominee. Various commentators have proclaimed that the GOP race is “over” and that Trump has a “hammerlock on the GOP nomination,” while news coverage from several ...

A tipping point for Rubio in South Carolina

On February 18, 1992, then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary election after having maintained a double-digit lead in the polls there for weeks. This was his second loss; he had performed poorly in Iowa as well, not even breaking into the double-digits with his percentile support. After his poor showings in the first two ...

Takeaways from the S.C. Republican debate

Six Republicans took the debate stage in South Carolina tonight, and all of them had something on the line. Here are my brief impressions of how each of the candidates did tonight and what tonight’s debate foreshadows for the coming weeks.