Month: April 2016

Seeking shift in narrative, Cruz unveils Fiorina as VP

A last-minute gamble that could pay off in Indiana.

Cruz, Kasich join forces to block Trump

A desperate move to stop Trump's advance.

Trump, Clinton dominate the New York primary

Trump's inevitability grows. Clinton takes Sanders out of play.

Debunking the wage gap myth

Equal Pay Day embodies a disingenuous and misleading narrative about the gender wage gap in the United States. The oft-cited 21-cent wage gap figure does not account for a multitude of factors which, when combined, virtually eliminate the wage differential between men and women.

Was Colorado rigged?

In an opinion editorial published in this morning’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump unleashes a blistering critique of the presidential nomination process, excoriating the party establishment for “defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people.” The editorial embodies the anti-establishment flavor ...